A Moment of Joy



Douglas & GranddaughtersLast Sunday we had eleven people at our house after church. Two of the eleven were my g-daughters, Adrianne and Lillian. At one point I watched them as they sat on the floor, talking, laughing, and creating some fascinating dialogue between a couple of  dolls.

It gave me such joy to see their joy. Such pleasure to watch their pleasure. And such delight to experience their delight.

Made me wonder if the same happens for the Heavenly Father when He watches me sail.




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anywayA man asked for a few minutes of my day which I didn’t think I had to spare.

But…I sat down anyway.

His life circumstances have become unmanageable and debilitating for him.

Within moments I knew the next steps he should take.

But…I listened intently anyway.

When he wrapped up, I was out of time so I offered some quick direction and prayer.

He told me how helpful it was to be heard and understood. (Not how awesome my advice was.)

Sometimes people don’t care how much you know until they first know how much you care.

But…I guess deep down I knew that anyway.






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Clarity is a Luxury

Mother Theresa2 I like clarity…but…sometimes clarity is a luxury.

Brennan Manning tells the story of when ethicist John Kavanaugh went to Calcutta to serve for a time in Mother Teresa’s ‘house of the dying’. When he was given a few moments with Mother he asked her to pray for him. When she inquired as for what she should pray:

He said: “Clarity. Pray that I have clarity”.

Mother responded: “No, I will not do that”.

“Why?…Kavanaugh inquired.

“Because clarity is the last thing you are clinging to and must let go of”…said Mother.

Kavanaugh objected: “But you always have clarity”.

Mother Teresa laughed and said: “I have never had clarity, what I have always had is trust. So I will pray that you trust God.”

I like clarity…but…sometimes clarity is a luxury. So I will pray that you trust God.

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An Old Bungalow


bungalowThis week Jacque and I happened to drive by an old bungalow in a great location that had been remodeled and flipped. We both commented on what a nice job they had done and how we could see ourselves living in a place like that.

 The irony is that twenty some years ago we actually did consider buying that very place but walked away because it was outdated and in need of so many repairs. We could only see the house for what it was and not for what it could be.

 Don’t make the same mistake with your life. The One I follow said, with God…all things are possible.




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Social Jiu-Jitsu



Seated ahead of me on the plane was a guy who wouldn’t stop talking. Literally, would not stop talking.  I learned about his job, political views, family, friends and pets…and so much more. I overheard his jokes and stories. He was consuming so much air and expelling so much carbon dioxide I thought the oxygen masks would soon drop from the overhead compartment. Meanwhile the eyes of the poor sap sitting next to him were glazed over…


Behind me sat a gal who was a social jiu-jitsu master (the art of getting someone to talk about themselves without them knowing it). She seemed polite, full of social graces, and genuinely interested as she asked a series of engaging questions of her seatmates. And then she listened, really listened.


Next to me was a guy who was taking a nap (The clergy effect).


The secret to connecting is found not so much in the words you say, but more in the questions you ask and the attention you give.








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