Wrong Numbers



wrongnumbersSomebody named Debra got a new truck.

Somehow my phone number was placed in her contact information.

Now my phone has been exploding with calls and texts from insurance companies wanting Debra’s business.

So once again…wrong information has led to wrong results.

(And a very frustrated me, I hope she settles her insurance soon.)





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Individual Results May Vary

individual-results-may-vary“Individual results may vary”. You’ve heard this disclaimer.

 Same is true with 2017. We have hopes, dreams and expectations, but individual results may vary…no, they will vary.

 The real question is what will you do when things don’t go as expected, promised or as you deserve?

 Get angry, blame, demean, or with-draw?


Roll with it and see it as an opportunity to make the best of a new reality.



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Happy New Year



desk-notebook-pen-writing-large-575x381Is the future simply fate and all you can do is enter into it?


Is the future pliable  and something you and God can create?


If it is simply fate…well…what’s the use? If it is a God and you deal…well then…stop blaming fate and get busy creating.


What future is God waiting on you to create with Him in 2017?

Happy New Year.









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Merry Christmas




d-j-2016-christmasMay the remembrance of God sending us His one and only Son Jesus fill our souls with wonder and grace.


May His peace spread upon this fractured world through us.

May joy wash over your gatherings with family and friends.









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No Parachute



no-parachuteThis summer Luke Aikins, a 43-year-old skydiver, jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet not wearing a parachute. Steering himself as he fell to the earth at 120 mph (terminal velocity) he landed squarely in a 100 feet x 100 feet two-tiered net. Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qF_fzEI4wU


On the way up Luke found himself thinking: “What the #^*~ am I doing? This is stupid! I have a son! I have a wife!”

Afterwards people on social media called it the “craziest and most inspiring thing” ever seen.

I watched it and thought: “I want to trust God like Luke trusted that net. I want to have the courage to walk into Spirit-led adventures where I find myself saying: “What the #^*~ am I doing?” but I jump anyway. Maybe one of the greatest things you can do for God is to be fully alive.



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