Merry Christmas




d-j-2016-christmasMay the remembrance of God sending us His one and only Son Jesus fill our souls with wonder and grace.


May His peace spread upon this fractured world through us.

May joy wash over your gatherings with family and friends.









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No Parachute



no-parachuteThis summer Luke Aikins, a 43-year-old skydiver, jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet not wearing a parachute. Steering himself as he fell to the earth at 120 mph (terminal velocity) he landed squarely in a 100 feet x 100 feet two-tiered net. Click here to watch:


On the way up Luke found himself thinking: “What the #^*~ am I doing? This is stupid! I have a son! I have a wife!”

Afterwards people on social media called it the “craziest and most inspiring thing” ever seen.

I watched it and thought: “I want to trust God like Luke trusted that net. I want to have the courage to walk into Spirit-led adventures where I find myself saying: “What the #^*~ am I doing?” but I jump anyway. Maybe one of the greatest things you can do for God is to be fully alive.



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A Quick, Hard Yank


redthreadMy wife and youngest daughter sweet talked me into accompanying them to the mobile phone store as they got up-grades. (Guys when will we learn…they want your money, not you!)


During my two hour wait in the corner, I noticed a thread hanging from my shirt. Rather than pulling out my handy pocket knife, I gave it a quick, hard yank. Bad idea. The short inconspicuous thread was transformed into a long, dangling fringe accessory. Frustrating…but an easy fix. Some “just give it a quick, hard yank” snap decisions don’t reverse so easy: tattoos, marriage, thirty year loans, walking out on a job, giving someone a piece of your mind….


Sometimes pausing for just a moment to think can save you from some unwelcome long term consequences.









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nebraska-sunriseThe prairie adorns herself well with the sunrise.

 As I watched this very sunrise over the eastern horizon of the Nebraska sand hills I was reminded:

.That God’s mercies are new every morning

.That today is all I have…there is no guarantee of tomorrow for me or anyone else

.That waiting for the perfect day under the perfect sun to take action is futile

.That today will be what God and I make of it

 For what is worth…it was a good day.  







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Be Nice

dude2Here’s a quick tip: “Be Nice”.

 We expect to be treated a little extra nice when we fly first class. What if the flight crew treated everyone on board a little extra nicer, (at least better than the other airlines) would that not increase bookings?

 We expect to be treated a little extra nice when we go to a fancy restaurant. What if the wait staff at the corner diner treated everyone a little extra nicer who came through the door, would that not increase the customer base?

 We expect CEOs, rock stars and senators to be treated a little extra nice when they walk into a room. What if we treated everyone in the house a little extra nicer, would that not increase the number of people who want in?

 Do the math. What does it cost you (or your receptionist, sales team, church members, etc.) to greet, talk and respond nicely? (basically nothing) And what do you gain? (a lot)


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