Predict or Create

When we look to the future most people attempt to make predictions. Some of us are just crazy enough to think we can have a hand in creating it.

So this past week I spent a day mentoring three bright and talented young Kenyan pastors who love God and want to make a difference in this messed up world. Then I had the privilege of facilitating a retreat for the leadership of Springs of Hope Kenya who are changing the whole trajectory of hundreds of lives.

They get it. Why sit back and attempt to predict the future when you can have a hand in creating it.

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Last Saturday Springs of Hope Kenya had two new arrivals. One was a little boy of unknown name and age who had been abandoned. The other arrival was a Cypress dental team.

The little boy has been given the name of Baraka, which means “blessing”. He now lives in a home with children who have also been abandoned, or orphaned, or abused in unthinkable ways. We don’t know his past story, we do know he is among children who now have a hope and a future as they receive worth, dignity and the kind of care that changes the whole trajectory of their lives.

The Cypress dental team has seen over 100 children, students and adults. Fillings, bondings and extractions…that change both their health and self esteem. They made a visit to a landfill that is home to internally displaced people and brought provisions, clothes and shoes. They have done the Cypress tribe proud.

Every time I step into this space it “right-sizes” life for me. The challenges these kids have to face…right-sizes my problems. The way these challenges are overcome with God and His people…right-sizes my faith in a God who arranges such escapades that I have been a part of this last week. Next I turn my attention to pouring into the leadership of SOHK as I join them in a retreat. Continued prayers appreciated.


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Mystery Over Security

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would help lead the charge to build an orphanage in Kenya and a school in Haiti. Nor was it on my radar screen that I would lead a church of a couple dozen people in a horse stable to become a vibrant tribe of faith, hope and love that numbers more than sixty dozen strong. Nevertheless this is a part of my story.


Erwin McManus said it like this: “It is amazing where God will take you when you are willing to follow. Life is full of surprises when we choose mystery over security.”



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A Look in the Mirror


man-looking-in-a-mirror-thinking-of-something-serious-4k_qymsudjh__M0000When the news broke that Tiger Woods had been arrested for DUI…I knew it would only be a matter of time until his booking photo was seen all over print and electronic media. And it has been.

When I read articles and listened to news reports, I expected commentary on how far he has fallen as a person…and I did. It seems those who surf the media wave to fame are subject to being pounded by that same wave into the coral reef.

Somehow I expect he will be used as an example in pulpits of “you reap what you sow” and “beware your sins will find you out”.

It is so much easier to gloat over Tiger’s problems than to deal with our own, isn’t it? Oh, and no one ever became their best by focusing on someone else’s flaws.










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influenceHe wanted to influence.

So he delivered an inspiring speech filled with hope and love.

But then he stepped off the stage and berated some members of his staff.

Maybe he didn’t realize that some of us watch what you do more than we listen to what you say.




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