Irma’s Visit

Irma’s visit could have been much worse for us. Downed trees, debris, and some property damage…but we still have our homes. A loss of power for all, a loss of a little sleep for most, and a loss of income for some…but no loss of lives in the Cypress tribe. Rain, wind and minor flooding…but no storm surge upon our shore. Not every place and not everyone faired so well.


I can tell you that people all along Irma’s path prayed as fervently as we did during her long trek across the Atlantic, but I cannot tell you why some places in the storm’s path got slammed while Irma wobbled east at the last minute and we were spared the worst. I only know that I am grateful we got off as we did and now those of us with shelter and provision are to help our brothers and sisters who don’t.


The Cypress response to Irma will look like this: We will take an offering and the money will be dispersed in this fashion:

  1. We have members of the Cypress tribe who if they don’t work, they don’t get paid…and they didn’t work all week because their business was not open due to the storm. Nevertheless, their bills are still due.
  2. If there is still money available, we will help members of the Cypress tribe who had damage due to the storm that will not be covered by insurance.
  3. If there is still resources available from the offering then at this point we help people in our community who are  connected to members of the Cypress tribe who fit into category one first…category two later.


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The Best Time

This week I had a front row seat for the solar eclipse right smack dab in the middle of the “path of totality”. Two and a half minutes of sheer awe…baily’s beads, the diamond ring, corona, and an almost other worldly aura cast on the environment. Wow oh wow!


Afterwards we celebrated both the creator and the fact that we got to experience the moment together. Then I wondered, so now what do we do with the special glasses we purchased for the event? In the days leading up to the eclipse they were a hot commodity and stores ran out of stock. Today the market for the glasses is gone.


One day your kids will leave home. One day you will not be working at the job you have. One day the door of opportunity will be closed. The best time to act is yesterday. The second best is today.


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Right Place at the Right Time


The right place at the right time. Sometimes it finds you (luck)…most often you have to find it (positioning).


Next Monday there is a rare solar eclipse that will be visible across the contiguous states of our country. There is only a 70 mile bandwidth across the U.S.  that will be in the “path of totality”. Those in that narrow path will experience one of nature’s most awe-inspiring and unforgettable wonders in its fullness. Jacque and I plan to be in that bandwidth.


Waiting for the right place at the right time to find you (and blaming God and the universe until it does) is a lousy strategy. It might help us rationalize our situation but how does it bring us any nearer to the life we want?



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The truth.


It is not relative, flexible or a matter of opinion.

It is real, actual and measureable.

You can deny it or ignore it to the detriment of yourself and others.

Or you can follow it and allow truth to shape your life and beliefs.


Belief and truth are not always the same.

You may want something to be true, so you choose to believe it.

But the facts don’t change simply because you believe or don’t believe (ask gravity).

“If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”

Truth should create our beliefs.


The world has more than a few who play with the truth to gain power, influence or profit.

Don’t reward them.

Seek truth.

The One I follow said it will set you free.








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Let’s All Do Our Part




I grew up playing baseball…first base, pitching and outfield.

When I was playing first base my part was to field any balls hit my way and catch every ball thrown to me. I could only do my part. The pitcher and catcher had to do their part, as did the infielders and outfielders. And of course the hitters and base runners were expected to do their part as well. If we all did our part together better than the opposing team…we won.

 In St. Louis du Nord, Haiti there is a bright jewel shining in a dark place…Shiloh School. There are 700 children who are doing their part: showing up, listening, studying and learning. There is however, a part many of their families simply can’t do: afford the school fees (Average annual household income: $350).

 For a mere 38 cents a day ($135/year) you can cover school fees and change the whole trajectory of a child’s life. I humbly ask, and am not above begging, for these children I have come to love…please click on the picture, watch the 90 second video and then sponsor as many children as your faith will allow.

 To sign-up or re-up and keep your sponsor children in school you can hit reply to this e-note, stop by the table in the Cypress courtyard, or go to








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