Still Learning



Haiti AirportLessons from my recent time in Haiti:

. Those with less than you (education, resources, advantages…) have much to teach you if you will just listen.


. Serve, offer respect, give dignity and over time you gain influence.

. Contentment and happiness come from people not possessions.

. Just because you can’t meet the needs of all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t meet the needs of one.

. Walk in someone’s shoes for a while before you make conclusions.

. Credibility is earned way more by actions than words.


Well I’m back from the eye-glasses and construction trip to St. Louis du Nord, Haiti. A little frayed on the edges but none to worse for the wear. Our team was simply flat out amazing. Over 700 people had their eyes examined and most need glasses. Lenses and frames are now being produced here and will be shipped in instalments as they are prepared. (All a gift from some friends of the Cypress tribe…Yay God!) As well, an awning was constructed and put in place to provide protection from the elements for children in classrooms. Thanks for your prayers and support.





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A Place or a People?



eyeglassesHome. A place ? or a people?

I choose…a people.

I have enjoyed many places in my life but my home is not a house, it is a people.

A people, my people with whom I belong, I am known, I am loved just as I am and just as I ain’t.

It is interesting to me that this week as I have led an “eyeglasses” team to St. Louis du Nord, Haiti, I feel as much at home here as I do at Cypress. Maybe because after 14 years, Shiloh Church and Cypress are no longer two churches but one people.

By the way our team has been awesome. Hundreds of children and adults have had their eyes measured and next month we will start shipping glasses to them. Yeah God, Year God!

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Wrong Numbers



wrongnumbersSomebody named Debra got a new truck.

Somehow my phone number was placed in her contact information.

Now my phone has been exploding with calls and texts from insurance companies wanting Debra’s business.

So once again…wrong information has led to wrong results.

(And a very frustrated me, I hope she settles her insurance soon.)





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Individual Results May Vary

individual-results-may-vary“Individual results may vary”. You’ve heard this disclaimer.

 Same is true with 2017. We have hopes, dreams and expectations, but individual results may vary…no, they will vary.

 The real question is what will you do when things don’t go as expected, promised or as you deserve?

 Get angry, blame, demean, or with-draw?


Roll with it and see it as an opportunity to make the best of a new reality.



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Happy New Year



desk-notebook-pen-writing-large-575x381Is the future simply fate and all you can do is enter into it?


Is the future pliable  and something you and God can create?


If it is simply fate…well…what’s the use? If it is a God and you deal…well then…stop blaming fate and get busy creating.


What future is God waiting on you to create with Him in 2017?

Happy New Year.









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