Take 10

Take 10.


That crisis knocking at your door can wait, odds are it’s been an issue for some time already anyway. And tell that “to do” list to just take a chill pill.   


The world doesn’t need yet another distracted and stressed out, hurried and harried, edgy and grumpy person today.


Right now “take 10”. Pause. Unplug. Power down. Turn off. Catch your breath. Inhale…exhale. Tell folks you are meditating or praying (people seem to respect that and may just leave you alone) and then just be…just listen for the still small voice of heaven. Or take a power nap…but “take 10”…right now.


Okay…back from your ten already huh? Hope you caught your breath because it is a full weekend at Cypress. Saturday morning rummage sale to raise money for Pastor Jean’s home in Haiti. Three services: Sat@6/Sun@9:15&11. Getting Started Class, book clubs, children and student ministries, Saturday dinner and service in downtown Clearwater for the homeless and under-resourced and…


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