Oldie but Goldie?

I was listening to an oldies station in the car this week and a song came on that I hadn’t heard in decades. It was a hit when I was in grad school (so yep, we are talking old). Volume up…rock out! As the music rattled the windows, I dialed into the lyrics…and realized that this fun little ditty was propagating infidelity as a solution to marital doldrums. Catchy tune, but an approach to love and life that I have seen result in way too much hurt, deep pain and destruction for me to subscribe to. Volume down…new station.

So I started some mental lists:
. Things that once seemed so cool but with the passing of time seem so inane.
. Things that once seemed so important they owned my thoughts and time…but now are not worth memory space in my head or room on the calendar.
. Things I allowed to ruin a moment or ruin a day that looking back now appear to have been ridiculously influential and insignificant.

Here’s to a better perspective today and better mental lists ten years from now!

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