Let’s All Do Our Part




I grew up playing baseball…first base, pitching and outfield.

When I was playing first base my part was to field any balls hit my way and catch every ball thrown to me. I could only do my part. The pitcher and catcher had to do their part, as did the infielders and outfielders. And of course the hitters and base runners were expected to do their part as well. If we all did our part together better than the opposing team…we won.

 In St. Louis du Nord, Haiti there is a bright jewel shining in a dark place…Shiloh School. There are 700 children who are doing their part: showing up, listening, studying and learning. There is however, a part many of their families simply can’t do: afford the school fees (Average annual household income: $350).

 For a mere 38 cents a day ($135/year) you can cover school fees and change the whole trajectory of a child’s life. I humbly ask, and am not above begging, for these children I have come to love…please click on the picture, watch the 90 second video and then sponsor as many children as your faith will allow.

 To sign-up or re-up and keep your sponsor children in school you can hit reply to this e-note, stop by the table in the Cypress courtyard, or go to www.mypartforhaiti.com








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