I was on the Cypress patio chatting and noticed a little girl crying. Since she already has  a piece of my heart, it made it easier for me to pull her into my arms and try to soothe her inner pain. I discovered that she had inadvertently put a hole in the stencil design she was coloring in and consequently it was no longer beautiful. I proceeded to show her my well worn, loosely held together Bible which to me is so beautiful because it has inspired me to know and seek God and resulted in a life I love living. “Beautiful doesn’t mean perfect” I told her…”beauty is inspiring, and I find this art to be inspiring because it reminds me I don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful…and neither do you.”


I’m not sure if it was the hug or my words or some combination of the two, but the crying stopped and the little artist resumed her work. Anything we withhold because we or our work isn’t perfect is a bit of a crime. It’s a crime because you are stealing that beauty from someone who could use some inspiration. Someone who needs to be reminded that you don’t need perfection for beauty. You are holding back inspiration from people who need it, afraid of what someone who doesn’t get it may say about the perceived imperfections.


Stop withholding you and what you have to offer. Beauty isn’t perfect, it is inspiring.




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