Douglas Poole is:


  • Passionate about the local church and sailing.
  • Crazy about his wife Jacqueline, their four kids and two grand-daughters.
  • A stark raving fan of Springs of Hope Kenya.
  • Involved up to his ears with Shiloh Church and School in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti
  • Author of the book ‘Navigating Life’ and a contributing author of ‘It’s a Jesus Thing’.
  • A native of Nebraska and once a ‘Cornhusker…always a Cornhusker’.
  • The Senior Pastor of Cypress Meadows Community Church in Clearwater, Fl.
  • No stranger to how messy and challenging life can be.
  • Totally amazed by the wonder of God’s grace.
  • Usually up for an adventure.
  • Voracious about devouring the writings of or listening to great “word-smiths”.
  • Addicted to faith, hope and love
  • Believes in second, second chances