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Everyday this week we have woken up to the news of yet another politician, Hollywood mogul, movie star, business tycoon, or some man in power who has been accused of sexually harassing, exploiting or violating a woman or young girl. Ugh…

If true, a horrible thing to inflict on another human. If not true, a horrible thing to be accused of.

Sometimes I wonder about the men sweating bullets right now in dumbstruck horror that their past or present abuse will be exposed to the world.

There was an elder at Cypress who whenever we had a decision to make where there were options in the gray area, she would say…”Let’s only make a decision we would be comfortable with if it became the front page headline of the Tampa Bay Times”.

Good advice…and you will sleep better and sweat less bullets.




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The Boat is Dry

For more than a handful of years Jacque and I have passed by a boat sitting on a trailer in a driveway as we take our daily jaunt. The owner has refurbished, updated, painted and done  everything else to it. It’s beautiful. The one thing the owner has not done is put it in the water and used it. There may be any number of good reasons why…but aren’t boats made to be sailed?


So one night this week upon getting home from our jaunt, I reviewed the number of opportunities, relationships, and resources in my life that are like that very beautiful but very dry boat. Life is best when it’s lived…fully.


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Break the Huddle



Huddles don’t win super-bowls. They are won by how well the team executes the play called in the huddle.

The world is not a better place because of great ideas. Things improve only as someone champions the cause.

Your life is not more meaningful because of good intentions. People who are fully alive are the ones who take action.

Today…today…if not today then when?



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Want to stand out and make a difference in a culture that is becoming less generous, less caring, less forgiving, less attentive, less civil, less…

Be more generous, more caring, more forgiving, more attentive, more civil, more…

The One I follow said it will be like a light that shines in the darkness and draw others to the grace of God.


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Today might be a good day to:

           . do something that makes you feel alive, fully alive

           . realize the horse is dead…time to dismount and ride another

           . forgive, pull up that anchor to the past and move on

           . get that person off the bus who is making the trip a disaster

           . admit you were wrong because you didn’t know what you now do

           . state reality

           . push pause on that…catch your breath, collect yourself, let the dust settle

           . step out the whirlwind and then step into the serenity of silence and solitude

           . make someone else’s day

           . declare that “someday” is today


Today is a gift. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. So today might be a good day to…





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